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Transparency DNA

Transparency has been a key value for us from the get-go, and it is our strong belief that this is key in order to create sustained change. We want to know the people involved in our entire operation, instead of hiding them deep into the shadows of complex chains. We have to understand our materials and their impact. We must be held responsible for our actions. Change can be achieved by being brutally honest about the reality behind our items. For this purpose our transparency concept reveals the carbon footprint, materials, makers as well as pricing.
"A vision that led to bags that you wouldn't guess to be recycle-design."
"For every product, the company tells you how much it cost for every part of the supply chain, and who made it and how."
"Lovia lets you trace every material used in its products, right down to the dust bag."
"The entrepreneurs want to create a whole new way of producing, consuming and respecting fashion."
"This radical transparency may seem brutal, but Lovia's uncompromising outlook is actually aligned with the global sustainability megatrend."