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Named after the vitamin-rich cloudberry, the Hilla belt bag is as full of energy as its namesake. Lovia is all about combining classic design into seasonal inspiration; Hilla can be worn as a belt bag, body bag, crossbody, shoulder bag and clutch.
Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm


Have you seen the subtle ripple of almost still surface of water? That delicate wave turned into the powerful Virta crossbody.
Size: 21cm x 15cm x 7cm


Longing for an unforgettable memory, that is what Kaiho means. Kaiho is meant to be alongside you when creating new memories. The structured style keeps its shape through adventures and the everyday.
Size: 21cm x 15cm x 7cm

Kaiho Weaved Crossbody

Size: 21cm x 15cm x 7cm

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Kainut Big Crossbody

Size: 30cm x 22cm x 7cm

Kaiho Weaved Crossbody

Size: 21cm x 15cm x 7cm

Kainut Big Crossbody

Size: 30cm x 22cm x 7cm

Onni Evening Clutch

Onni is a synonym for happiness and luck. This evening clutch was designed to lead you to the dance floor and let go of stress and formalities,
enjoying the moment at its purest bliss.
Size: 21 x 13 x 4 cm

Diamond Wristlet Bag

The perfect solution for any occasion, the Diamond Wristlet frees your hands for lively conversation. Its shape inspired by the original Lovia cone jewel, a form of pure elegance.
Size: 24cm x 23cm x 9cm

Laine salmon pouch

Laine brings you closer to the depths of the Atlantic with its simple design combined with wild textures. Store bits and bobs inside your bag at daytime and transform it into the perfect little evening bag at night.
Size: 14cm x 20cm

Vasu excess leather pouch

A traditional small weaved basket is called a Vasu in Finnish. Inspired by that function, this mini crossbody with multiple functions will be yours truly as long as you allow it.

Size: 14cm x 20cm

Oma elk pouch

Discover if elk is your power animal. The incredibly soft and durable material of thick elk leather has been given a second chance at life with the Oma.
Size: 14cm x 20cm

Aura clutch

Ever wonder what happens to the smallest strips of leather? The Aura is an homage to those little forgotten pieces of material, as they are put in the spotlight, creating a weaved effect. Functionality serving with a purpose.
Size: 34 cm x 17cm x 3cm

Aira small clutch

Due to popular demand, the Aura was replicated to make a more compact version. And so, the little sister Aira came to life, incorporating the same design and style. Which size do you prefer?
Size: 29cm x 15cm x 3cm

Sammal Slouch Tote

Sammal takes shape according to what you choose to carry in it. It charms with the same practicality as a canvas bag but with upgraded elegance, perfectly fitting your daily essentials such as 13" laptop.
Size: 62cm x 37cm x 3cm

Kiulu elk tote

The oval bottom of this elk leather wonder breathes life into the inspiration behind it by creating a bucket-like shape. This tote allows you to carry you carry your whole world around without feeling the weight on your sholder.
Size: 35 cm x 25cm x 25cm

Karelia Weekender

Is what you long for a weekend away? Leave town with this fellow and escape reality for a while. The Karelia holds everything you need, and then some; no need to make those difficult choices when packing.
Size: 25cm x 50cm x 35cm

Tuohi tote

Size: 35 cm x 34 cm x 14cm

Kelo Backpack

Size: 43cm x 35cm x 16cm

Kaski tote

Size: 51cm x 35 cm x 10cm

Tuohi tote

Size: 35 cm x 34 cm x 14cm

Kelo Backpack

Size: 43cm x 35cm x 16cm

Kaski tote

Size: 51cm x 35 cm x 10cm

Aapa laptop cover

A structured clutch or a polished workwear accessory? You don't have to decide. Made out of excess leather pieces from Finnish furniture industry, Aapa transforms from work to play, doubling as a structured clutch for afterwork activities.
Size: For 13" laptop, 35,5 cm x 25,5cm

Kanto card cover

The materials run the show and dictate terms. The envelope-like style of Kanto is able to utilise even the excess from our own production, with tiny triangles of shiny salmon and excess leather being put to good use. 
Size: 11cm x 7,5cm

Havu Series

For those days and nights when you want to stand out. Filled with the wisdoms of a pine tree, they encourage you to make an entrance.
Earrings size: 17 cm x 2,2 cm, Necklace size: 51,5 cm x 20,5 cm

Petäjä Series

The story of Lovia is intertwined around the Nordic nature and mythology. Pine tree needles were believed to bring good health by the ancient folk. Let this amulet be your remedy.

Size: 2,7cm x 0,5cm

Size: 2,7cm x 0,5cm (hook: 1cm)

Size: 2,7cm x 0,5cm (chain: 42cm)

Size: 2,7cm x 0,5cm (chain: 80cm)

Pihka Series

The original, already iconic Lovia cone jewel is the starting point of the Pihka collection. With the mold 3D-printed from real pine cone scales, the jewellery convey the connection to nature and roots of Lovia. 

Size: 2,8cm x 2,2cm

Size: 2,2cm x 1,5cm

Size: 6,3cm x 2,2cm

Size: cone 4,2cm x 2,8cm, chain length 77cm

Size: 2,8cm x 2,2cm

Kaarna Series

For those of us who prefer a delicate style, the Kaarna collection is ideal. With only a single scale from the pine cone design, the result is classic yet makes a statement. Sometimes one is all you need, right?

Size: 1,2cm x 0,7cm

Size: scale 1,2cm x 0,8cm, chain length 42,5cm, drop chain 8,5cm

Kaarna necklace

Size: scale 1,2cm x 0,8cm, chain length 42,5cm

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