We make every design treasure by hand from excess materials, with full transparency, sustainably and with love.

ALL BAG PREORDERS NOW 20% OFF | The preorder model is responsible manufacturing that avoids wasting resources. If you get a Lovia bag for yourself or as a gift as a preorder, we will reward you with a 20% discount on the normal price of the product - as a thank you for being part of creating a more sustainable future. The production time for a preordered product is 6 weeks.

We invite you to become an owner of Lovia! This is a unique chance to invest directly into the future of sustainable fashion.

This financing round is part of Lovia's strategy to strengthen community-ownership and to shift the production chains of fashion towards a more ethical model, together with you, our community.

Become a community owner of Lovia and make and investment to a better future! Read more via the link below (only in Finnish).

Handmade from excess materials

Inspired by Finnish forests


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This is also officially your last call for Petäjä, Kaarna and Havu Double. You can discover the very last pieces now at special prices, already marked.


We make every Lovia design treasure by hand from excess materials, with full transparency, sustainably and with love. Discover our most beloved classic bags and find your new treasure.

Join the community and be a Revolutioniser of your own. Discover your favourite style from our collection of classic bags.

"A vision that led to bags that you wouldn't guess to be recycle-design."
"For every product, the company tells you how much it cost for every part of the supply chain, and who made it and how."
"Lovia lets you trace every material used in its products, right down to the dust bag."
"The entrepreneurs want to create a whole new way of producing, consuming and respecting fashion."
"This radical transparency may seem brutal, but Lovia's uncompromising outlook is actually aligned with the global sustainability megatrend."