The most loved classics

By Revolutionisers

The most loved classics by Revolutionisers

You, Revolutionisers*, are at the core of what we do - without you, we wouldn’t be here. We asked some of you to choose your favourite pieces from our classic collection and tell why you love them. Get to know our best sellers and their transparent DNA through the eyes of our community. With the code REVOLUTIONISER, you get free delivery on all products until 31 October 2022 - order your favorites now!

Let’s make the fashion world more sustainable one bag at a time.

Revolutioniser= a person who is keen on creating a more sustainable fashion world in their own way



“Kaiho is my go-to bag because it carries everything I need. I love styling it and it looks great with every outfit. It’s amazing that design like this can be created from excess materials!”
-Sara V.


AITTA & Elizaveta

“Aitta is my favourite bag because it’s large and spacious. During weekdays it easily carries all study related things but it also works as a perfect travel companion for weekend trips. It’s fascinating how cutting waste from furniture factories can be turned into these gorgeous bags!”



“Hilla is multifunctional which makes it a perfect bag for all my looks. I think it’s also very pretty - I just love it! Lovia is one of my favourite brands because it combines sustainability with beautiful design, that is a rare combination!”
-Sara S.

Transparent treasures

Each Lovia bag carries a unique DNA code inside which reveals the truth behind it from materials to makers, pricing and CO2 emissions. By telling about our production in a transparent way we can make the fashion world more sustainable together!