Pihka Earrings

Pihka means resin, the golden potion of an age-old pine tree. Old folks in the Nordics used resin to heal wounds and inflammations. Even today, some think of resin as one of the best cures. Add a hint of pine tree power to stay strong.

Havu Earrings

Pine tree is the king of the Nordic forest, the oldest of them reaching towards the sky and growing the largest pine cones. The Havu is a statement of inner strength.

Kaarna Earrings

The oldest pine tree in Finland has seen the life change for almost 800 years. Kaarna is an amulet 3D modeled of a unique pine cone scale, carrying the wisdom of the pine.

Petäjä Earrings

Pine tree needles always grow hand in hand with their partner. The old folks believed that a love potion made of pine needles might help your chosen one to fall deeply in love.

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