DNA of Lovia products

As transparency is one of the core values of Lovia, the product DNA was created to provide you with information about our production chain. Scroll down to learn more about the materials and their suppliers, production and makers of our products.


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The story of Lovia makers

Lovia is about team work. Before ending in store, Lovia product travels through several hands, each of them contributing to the best possible quality and ethics.

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Main Materials

Sustainable elegance

When it comes to Lovia, design follows carefully selected materials. Recycled materials and sustainable Nordic leathers such as Finnsheep and fish leather are the foundation of Lovia.

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Secondary Materials

Sustainable elegance

For us, sustainability goes all the way to buttons and zippers. All Lovia bits and pieces are sourced either from Finland or other parts of Europe.

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Sustainable elegance

Lovia bags are handmade in Milan Italy, and jewellery in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

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