The search for true meaning

We are living in an era of accelerating consumption. We want to counter this with a new perspective of respecting what we already have. It is time for an ecological revolution.

The national romanticist art was born to highlight the beauty of nature to prevent it being forgotten in the midst of the industrial revolution. The great thinkers and artists of the 19th century would gather and ponder the same issues still relevant today; the fear of losing natural resources as well as uncontrollable destruction and its effects on the biodiversity of nature. We are living a time of exaggerated abundance, forcing us to rethink and refine the definition of true purpose.

Through our own design we want to inspire on this journey to meaning. Our mission is to discover new purpose for abandoned resources, essentially trash. We believe trash is a luxury of our time, and it’s time has run out. There is no longer trash, but valuable material, one that we have to learn to find a second life to, instead of wasting more resources to create new.

Stop tossing and start loving instead

We believe that design can have societal responsibility. For this reason our autumn theme carries on with examining the meaning and nature of trash. This autumn we will be furthering sustainable thinking especially through highlighting multifunctionality; increased versatility of a bag can limit the need to consume more. Adapting to many different needs has always been an important aspect of Lovia design, but now it is pushed to the next level.

Alongside new bag designs our classics have been revamped by adding new functions. Different interchangeable straps and handles generate a creative play on functionality; you can wear it as a beltbag and easily switch into a crossbody style with the adjustment of the strap of add a handle to again transform your bag. Perhaps instead of five different bags all you need is one, equipped to surprise you, year after year? We want to inspire you to make conscious choices and to view an already familiar old friend with new appreciation. For a life-long love story you need a companion that can keep up with the changing needs of different stages of life.

Black TRASH BAG | 220 € | £200
We also have the honour to have activist Meeri Koutaniemi as our muse, transforming into a soulful modern Loviatar. We admire her life philosophy and work, as she has shed light on untold issues with her photojournalism. Her courage, social message and respect towards nature represent the values that inspire us daily. As the co-lead of the imaginary is the Akseli Gallen-Kallela atelier museum Tarvaspää. The Kalevala-paintings and nature images of Gallen-Kallela have been a vast inspiration for the birth and design of Lovia. Follow our Instagram to keep up with the story.