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Color: Saphir Cleaning Lotion
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Saphir Cleaning Lotion is a gentle cleaning emulsion for leather, easily cleaning stains before applying a care product on the leather. Regarding Lovia bags, we recommend using Saphir Cleaning Lotion on recycled leather and elk leather. 

How to: Remove any superficial dirt with a leather brush followed by a damp cloth. Use a cotton cloth to apply a small amount of the product in circular motions. Be mindful on how much product you apply: the remains of the product should not be wiped off from the surface of the leather, but be absorbed in it. Let the product sit for about three minutes minutes then brush the leather thoroughly with a leather brush. Afterwards, apply the care product on the leather.


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Care & Warranty

  • Our design and artisan team has worked hard to make this treasure long lasting. By taking good care of it, you can have a long lasting journey together. Find material specific care instructions here.
  • We provide a two-year repair warranty if you notice a quality issue regarding the production or material of your treasure. We’re also happy to help you with any needs for repair due to wear and tear. We aim to offer repair services for you with the lowest possible cost and hassle free. Don't hesitate to contact us at hello@loviacollection.com if you have any issues with your product!

Transparency DNA

Get to know our makers, materials, transparent pricing as well as the carbon footprint behind our items. By being transparent about all the factors relating to our actions, we are advocating for a more just and responsible fashion industry. We aim to increase understanding about what the real costs and emissions behind our items are in a production chain that is fair to both its workers and takes into account the environment.

Take care of your treasure

By taking care of your own Lovia treasure, you can increase its years by your side. A little pampering every now and then makes a huge impact. Bags do not require regular wash such as clothes do, resulting in practically zero emissions from use. We provide you with detailed care instructions for each material to get you started.

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32 reviews
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  1. Käytin tätä aiemmin ostamaani vaaleaan Hilla -laukkuun, eikä lika lähtenyt ja rasvaisen jälkeen se jäi hieman tahmeaksi. Pullojen ohjeet olivat epäselvät ja olisivat saaneet olla tuotteen yhteydessä. Löysin myöhemmin huolto-ohje sivun, mutta sitä voisi linkittää enemmän tuotteiden yhteyteen.