Future proof design

Pre order -15% for revolutionisers.


The pre-order model is responsible manufacturing that avoids wasting resources.

If you get a Lovia bag for yourself or as a gift as a pre-order, we will reward you with a 15% discount on the normal price of the product - as a thank you for being part of creating a more sustainable future.

The production time for a pre-ordered product is 4-6 weeks. You can get more detailed information for each product in the online store as well as in the physical store. The classic collection will continue to be available immediately upon ordering.

Lovia has been working as a pioneer of circular economy design for almost 10 years, and the basis of the operation has been high-quality design, transparent production and the circular economy of fashion since the beginning. Now is the time to take the next step and prevent one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry, overproduction, by allocating valuable material resources in the best possible way.


Lovia's bag is an investment in the future for both the environment and people.

Design inspired by Finnish nature and surplus materials create personalized and stylish bag treasures.Get to know Lovia's most loved classics, which are designed in Helsinki and manufactured as ethical, high-level artisan work in Italy, one treasure at a time.

The classic bag serves its user in every necessary situation. The bag is designed to be long-lasting and durable, and its life cycle will continue even if you ever want to give it up.

LOVIA_SS23_16 crop


The Hilla bag is an absolute Lovia classic that combines unprecedented versatility. Did you know that the bag can be used in up to six different ways! Hilla is a light summer companion, which nevertheless can fit all your essentials - will you also choose Hilla this summer?


The Kaiho bag is your companion for every day. The bag is slightly bigger than Hilla making it more suitable for them who always carry a little more with them. Adaptability is also a feature of Kaiho - you can easily get a new look with a handle or a wider shoulder strap.
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The Aitta bag has achieved great popularity and it's no wonder! With Aitta, you don't have to worry about having enough space - take it with you to spend summer weekends or as a companion for a long day at work. We want all bags to be multi-purpose, so even in the Aitta bag, you can keep your hands free with the detachable shoulder strap.


By carrying a Lovia bag, you carry the change with you. A bag alone cannot change the world, but together, its creators and users, we can influence a more responsible future. A bag can be a choice for a more sustainable future, are you also a revolutioniser?