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An unforgettable gift also gives to its makers and the environment. Together with Finnish sustainable actors we created The Gentle Giftshop, offering treasures and experiences for a gentle holiday season.


An unforgettable gift also gives to its makers and the environment. Together with Finnish sustainable actors we created The Gentle Giftshop, offering treasures and experiences for a gentle holiday season.

By growing our awareness on the impact of our choices we can truly show our appreciation and affection also towards the environment and makers behind our products. During this time the meaning of our choices is manifold, yet is easily sidelined in all the holiday hassle. This year we joined forces with Finnish businesses aiming for a more sustainable lifestyle and created a gentle gift shop. Here you can discover just the right purposeful present for your loved one. You can also find some of our most beloved Lovia treasures combined into ready gift-sets at special prices.

Quality over quantity

If you wish to gift a physical product of some sorts, turn to sustainable options. Often a good sign of the real thing is to look at how much is told about the product and its history. If you can get answers to the burning questions of where and how the item was made, what materials were used and whether it will stand the test of time, you’re already on the right track.

Gifting an experience

Sometimes it may be difficult to assess the true purpose and necessity of a gift to its receiver. Often mismatched presents end up at the back of the cupboard. An immaterial gift can give out a new experience or inspire, reminding of a moment or of its giver even years later. This year you can also find these immaterial presents from our gift selection.

Honoring circulation

Prevent filling up your mixed waste by wrapping gifts in newsletter paper or reusable gift bags. The most beautiful wrappings can perhaps also be repurposed as is or as something else. Many recycling centers (Sortti in Finland) also accept Christmas trees free of charge during January. Another option is renting out a potted tree, allowing it to keep growing after the holidays.


Relaxation Floating Gift Card | 57 €
Craving relaxation and rejuvenation? Float has created a space where you can calm down and break away. In the weightless environment of the floating pool, deprived of all sensory input, the brain can be freed from constant information processing and the body reaches deep relaxation.
1h Floating
Unique Bag Design Experience | 260-515 €
On our rescue trips to the furniture factory trash bin we usually find rather unique pieces of special colours that would only make maybe one bag. Gift your loved one with this one of a kind opportunity to design their perfect combo on one of our classic models.
Kaiho KäpyHilla | Sammal | Vasu | Aira
Clothing Rental Gift Card | 50-150 €
Surprise your special someone with a sustainable and much-appreciated gift: The Ateljé rental studio’s gift card. The Ateljé offers a new kind of clothing rental service for the conscious and quality-loving dresser.
50 €100 € | 150 €
Vasu Pouch and Pihka Earrings | 230-240 €
Vasu can be used as a pouch, crossbody or a wristlet bag with the separate wrist strap. The iconic pine cone puller matches perfectly with the Pihka earrings, and this combo is available in multiple shades and materials.
Forest Green Velvet & Rose Gold | Clay Velvet & Silver | Black & Silver | Black & Rose Gold
Dinner Gift Card | 98 €
Restaurant Nolla is one of the first zero-waste restaurants in the world. At Nolla, guests are
served modern and delicious dishes that are built around local and organic in-season
ingredients. Vibrant beers brewed in-house and quality wines from small producers are
Four Course Dinner for Two
Petäjä Necklace and Earrings | 180-190 €
Pine tree needles always grow hand in hand with their partner. The old folks believed that a love potion made of pine needles helps the chosen one to truly fall in love. Who would you gift with these gentle amulets that are handmade in Helsinki?
Rose Gold | Silver
Big and Small Hemp Towel | 95 €
HEMPEA is inspired by our untouched Northern nature and diversity. Based in Inari, their towels are made in Lapland from European hemp fabric that is crafted with no irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides and is woven into fabric using zero chemicals.
Undyed Beige | White
Lovia Gift Card | 50-400 €
Not sure which treasure to choose for that special someone? Go with the Lovia giftcard. Select an amount of your liking and receive the gift card either digital or physical.
50 € | 100 € | 200 € | 400 €
Caring kit for your bag | 38 €
The life a beloved bag can be lengthened by years by offering it the right kind of care. This all-you-need package contains a cleaning lotion, caring cream and a high-quality natural hair brush, put together by leather care specialists of Arkivé Atelier.
Care product and brush set
Organic Cosmetic Lipstick | 38 €
HAVU is a Finnish organic cosmetic brand with ingredients and product design that pay homage to the beauty of our Finnish nature. Their lipsticks are 100% biodegradable and crafted with love, never compromising quality.
Nude | Rose | Dark | Cranberry | Lily | Sand
Laine Pouch and Havu Small Earrings | 495 - 530 €
The surface of the salmon-leather Laine bag takes you to the sea, quite literally. It comes with a detachable long strap Making it easy to shift from day to night in a matter of seconds. Combined with the Havu series, this dynamic duo gives you inner strength and the courage to stand out.
Black & Rose Gold | Black & Silver | Golden Set | Silver Set
Kaarna Necklace and Earrings | 140-160 €
The oldest pine tree in Finland is soon 800 years old. It has seen the world change, men come and go as well as nature at its best and lowest moments. Kaarna, meaning bark, forms with age and holds all these memories making it the amulet of wisdom.
Silver | Rose Gold
Karelia Weekender and Päre Travel Tag | 690 €
Karelia is a loyal friend for long weekend getaways adjusting to your needs according to what you carry in it. To make sure you never lose this trusted companion, attach the Päre traveller tag along.


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