Give don't take

This is a guide for gentle giving

The core of Lovia is to respect everyone involved in the value chain - starting from the nature and makers all the way to you. We comprised a little edit of our most beloved items carrying along these values, to help you find a gift that will serve a purpose for years to come.

Give trash a second chance

Lovia bags are made of wasted materials such as furniture industry cutting waste, salmon skin thrown away from food industry, and elk leather rescued from population control hunters.


Each bag has a DNA code, revealing the materials and makers of your treasure and what we paid for each step. With the code you can always get back to the roots of your bag.


All Lovia jewellery is hand-made of mostly recycled bronze by local goldsmiths in Helsinki. Each jewel is a timeless amulet bringing pine tree power to its carrier.
Burgundy Appliqué | 430€ | £400
In December we launched limited editions of our classic styles. These treasures made of furniture industry cutting waste in special shades might be gone quickly. Each bag is uniquely numbered.

Found something you'd love?

On each product page, you can now make your wish heard. By sharing your heart’s true desire to your loved one, you can avoid those unwanted gifts ending up in the back of your closet. Support better giving (and get what you really need).

UNDER 100 €


100-300 €


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OVER 500 €


Hard to choose?

Gift card is always a safe bet. In the end, the most valuable gift is something that the receiver really loves.

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After Christmas we are open 27.12. and 28.12.

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How to do it?

Together with professionals from different fields we created a lifestyle guide for the festive season giving you sustainable ideas from gifts to food. With these tips you will be gentle to the receiver, makers and the environment.

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