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Your choices matter. People who have the courage to stand up for what they think is right, are needed. They are the revolutionisers who change perceptions. We believe in respect; for nature, people, honesty and purpose for each product we make, but everything starts with respecting yourself. A bag can't change the world, but you can.

Turning waste materials into design accessories with full transparency

Respect for nature

Using what is available instead of demanding for more

Mother Earth has spoiled us. More than needed is being taken without showing much gratitude for herWe want to show respect for nature by rescuing valuable resources considered as trash. For example the fashion industry alone generates around 800,000 tons of leather waste annually (enough to produce around 400 million of our Kaiho bags!). We have started our mission by rescuing materials close to us, including excess leather from Finnish furniture factories, elk hides left over from Nordic population control hunting and salmon skins, by-products of food production. The material we have at hand dictates how and what we design.

ethical luxury bag production

Respect for People

Remembering the human effort behind each step

A talented designer is nothing without a passionate artisan, material partner or hardware forger, just to name a few. Every link in the value chain is crucial and should be respected with the same rights. The fashion industry easily makes us forget this by concentrating on the surface of the product and not giving the people behind it a voice or face. To make them heard we created the DNA transparency concept. We want to help you make sure that the people behind your product not only get a fair wage but can also enjoy the meaningful work they do.

Respect for Honesty

Being fully transparent to encourage your curiosity

A crash course on unconditional love: You have to know and accept your partner's past to build a strong future together. Why not extend this theory to the things we own, too? We believe the only way to build trust is to be honest, which in our case means the Product DNA. Our artisans put a coded label inside each bag. By using the code on our DNA page or scrolling down the product page, you can find out where each part came from, who made them and where, and what we paid for it. We want to encourage you to ask us questions. This way, you can get to know your new friend and, instead of a passing crush, fall truly in love.

Sustainable luxury bag made of salmon skin and excess leather
A loyal companion for life without compromises

Every seam and form you see serves a purpose, utilising the leftover materials to their fullest. The whole production chain is thought through and shared in the Product DNA. When the treasure finally arrives to your door inside its recyclable box, we want to help you take the best care of it, and restore it if anything happens to break. We want to offer more than just a beautiful bag, though it's completely fine if its beauty is the reason for your love. It could also be functionality, timeless design, giving waste new life, getting an energy boost through its symbolic power or extra confidence to stand up for important values. We hope this companion reminds you of the power you have to start a positive revolution with your daily actions.

First and foremost we respect you. No true impact has been achieved alone and our mission can’t be accomplished without you. You are a part of Lovia just as much as we are, as well as with the other brands you choose to support. What you stand for is determined by your actions, so be conscious and ask questions, that is all we can ask of you. If there is anything you want to ask of us, please send us a note at hello@loviacollection.com. We’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

With respect,
Outi, Anna, Ada & Sebastian

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