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Havu Fringe Necklace

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This product is currently out of stock available for pre-order. Our artisans craft the pre-order jewellery in 1-2 weeks and bags in 6-8 weeks. Pre-order products have full return policy.

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Havu is a Finnish word for wise and age-old pine tree’s branches. The Havu necklace was inspired from these needles filled with wisdom. You can carry around part of that wisdom by wearing the necklace with chain fringing and┬ámulticolor take on the original Lovia cone jewel.

Scroll down for the product DNA. The DNA reveals the people, stories and manufacturing process behind this piece.


  • Rose Gold and Silver coated
  • Lead and nickel free tombac (90% Copper, 10% zinc) with 24K rose gold and silver coating

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