Trash to treasure - a real-life Cinderella story of trash transformation. A high-quality design item made from waste material challenges the traditional perception of fashion and pushes boundaries with intelligent solutions.

The journey of a Lovia bag starts from the trash bin - not the most conventional start for a high quality design item. The fashion industry alone accounts for around 800 000 tons of leather waste annually. It is our belief that this vast resource, currently being wasted for the most part, should be utilised to its full extent and potential. This is why we rescue other industries' waste from being tossed into the bin, and turn them into products with a purpose. In this way resources end up to our design table rather than the waste disposal, and get a second chance at life.

Trash Bag is a statement, challenging the traditional quality definition and perspective of the fashion industry. High quality materials are not to be bypassed due to their unconventional origin. It is high time for fashion to adapt in its part to the requirements of the surrounding world, and to utilise resources to their fullest.

Unconventional material doesn’t have to set limits to creativity. Working within certain material boundaries in fact pushes creativity, and takes it to the next level as each seam is truly meaningful for the function and design to work.’, designer Outi Korpilaakso describes her creation process.

Another carrying value of Lovia is transparency, which is implemented through the DNA concept. The origin of each bag can be traced right down to the initial trash bin where the material was rescued from. The entire production chain is exposed; the fashion industry needs integrity, honesty and an open mind to embrace a whole new baseline for creating fashion. We have always struggled with the idea of seasonal collections, as our products are meant to be timeless. So, we will now start focusing on pressing topics instead. Twice a year, we launch a new theme around a topic to be discussed more openly. Trash Bag being the first theme, we will focus on utilising existing resources to their fullest. ⁣It's time to change perceptions.


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Photos by Eeva Suutari, styling Sanna Silander, MUAH Juho Lehiö, AD and concept Lovia / Outi Korpilaakso. Set: painting Carolina von Schantz.

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