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sustainable fashion

Our philosophy

Revealing Elegance

For us, elegance goes beyond surface. Founded in Helsinki 2014, Lovia is a fashion brand that makes bags, jewellery & clothing from sustainable Nordic materials with a fully transparent concept. 


Sustainable fashion signifies durable designs, sustainable materials and producing our products as near as possible with the respect for nature and human rights. Transparency is our means to develop our supply chain towards more and more world-friendly manners. 


To be fully transparent, Lovia has created a unique DNA concept that links each product with a profile that reveals the whole production chain behind it. While browsing any product in the webstore, scroll down and you will find out who made them and where the materials come from, for example.


We came up with the product DNA to demonstrate the complexity of fashion industry and to bring all our producers together. We believe that sharing leads you closer to your goals, and that working together multiplies the effect. You are warmly welcome to join us on the journey for making Lovia even more elegant. 

World-Friendly manners

Lovia’s clothes and jewellery are produced in Helsinki, Finland. Bags are manufactured in a small leather bag factory Clio in Milan, Italy. We use recycled and excess materials such as Finnsheep and fish leather from food production.

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