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For us, elegance goes beyond surface. Founded in Helsinki 2014, Lovia is a fashion brand that makes bags & jewellery from fine Nordic materials with a fully transparent concept. 

Have you ever questioned the things you are accustomed to and thought of turning them upside down? That’s what happened to us – a designer, a sales professional & a journalist behind Lovia. We shared a passion to rescue fine materials from going to waste and to turn them into elegant accessories and eventually, making that journey completely traceable.

Lovia makes bags and jewellery from rescued materials. All leathers used in our bags – such as Nordic elk leather, salmon leather and excess interior leather – are rescued from industries that can't utilize these high quality materials themselves.

To make you know your bag like your best friend, we created the Product DNA. The DNA reveals the whole history of the bag that you are holding, the makers and the origins of the materials it is made of. You can explore the DNA of each Lovia bag in the webstore. Each bag also carries an individual code that entails the genetic information of the bag. You can crack the code at loviacollection.com/dna.

All this was guided by a tree, the Nordic pine. Even standing on a plain cliff wiggled by the wind, pine will sustain. Inspired by the pine cone, these wisdoms travel along the line of Kaarna, Pihka and Havu jewellery.

World-Friendly manners

Lovia’s bags are manufactured in a small leather bag factory Clio in Milan, Italy. The jewelry is produced in by a Finnish artisan in Helsinki. All the leathers in our bags are rescued from industries that can't utilize these high quality materials themselves.

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