Our thoughts on the COVID-19

We understand the seriousness of the situation caused by COVID-19, and we want to encourage each other to stay hopeful throughout. As for everyone, this situation presents an unknown territory for us as well, and we aren’t quite sure how to best communicate. What we do know is that we want to act as responsibly as possible, following rules and guidelines set by authorities as well as our own reason and consideration. 
As you are experiencing, we are now implementing extraordinary measures worldwide both as a society and as individuals in order to achieve good for all. We still believe that even in this time, it is important to continue resilient work towards developing sustainable solutions, as unlike it has done to us, this situation has not halted climate change. 
We do understand that at this very moment a new bag is not the most pressing thought on your mind, but we will to the best of our ability, still continue to relentlessly work towards our goals, so that we could turn the future of our globe back on the right track. 
To bear our own responsibility in preventing the further spreading of the virus we are closing our Helsinki store for the next two weeks and will be actively following any developments. Still, let’s keep talking. You can reach us via a number of channels: 
  • Find us @loviacollection in social media where Ada and Sini will answer all your questions
  • While the showroom store stays closed, we are offering free international shipping. To our current knowledge, there should not be  any major shipping delays
  • Our website and online store is available for you as always,  you can also find a chat function here to help you
  • Drop us a note at hello@loviacollection.com where Emmi will connect with you via email
  • If you want, feel free to also call us directly at +358 50 471 1780. Anna or another member of our team will sort out what’s on your mind!
We would love to hear what kind of communication and content you would want us to share at a time like this. Send us your thoughts through any channel! 
Remember to take care of your loved ones! Now if ever it is important to share compassion and help each other to the best of our ability.
With love, Lovia team
Outi, Anna, Ada, Sini, Emmi & Marianna

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