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Give - Don't Take

A perfect gift makes its receiver happy, but is also gentle for the environment and appreciates its makers. From the Product DNA you can see what we paid for each maker and how they work with environmentally-friendly manners.

We gathered our Helsinki-made amulets in one place, where you can read their stories and find a pine tree power for your Valentine. With each order before Valentine's Day, you'll get a bar of Goodio's heavenly organic and Helsinki handmade raw chocolate.

Amulets with a story

Want to give something more than just a piece of jewellery? These amulets will bring the powers of pine tree to your loved one.


Pine tree needles always grow hand in hand with their partner. The old folks in the Nordics believed that a love potion made of pine needles help the chosen one to fall truly in love.


Pihka means resin, the golden potion of an age-old pine tree. For years, resin has been used to heal wounds and inflammations. Even today, some think that resin is one of the best cures. Perhaps Pihka amulet can shield your loved one too.


The oldest pine tree in Finland is soon 800 years old. It has seen the world change, men come and go as well as nature at its best and lowest moments. Kaarna, meaning bark, forms with age and holds all these memories.


Pine tree is the king of the Nordic forest, the oldest of them reaching towards the sky and growing the largest pine cones. The Havu is a statement of inner strength, reminding to dare to be different.

According to your budget

Are you the one who manages to create well planned gifting budgets and stick to them? This one's for you.

Gift Cards

With gift card, you can never go wrong. With this, your loved one can buy either one of our classic or choose a unique tailor made piece. To hear more about the options, send us a message.

With each order before Valentine's Day, you'll get a bar of Goodio's heavenly organic and Helsinki handmade raw chocolate.

Need your gifts wrapped or want to add a special message inside the box? Just add a comment to your order and we will take care of it for you!

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With experts of different fields in sustainability we gathered a guide that helps you make choices that are gentle for yourself, your loved ones as well as the people and environment behind your gifts. You can find it here in our Stories-section.

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