Give - Don't Take

A perfect gift makes the receiver happy for many years. Either as wonderful memories from something you did together or in form of a timeless piece that is valuable for its holder. This year we wanted to start a sustainable gifting revolution called Give - Don't Take.

With experts of different fields in sustainability we gathered a guide that helps you make choices that are gentle for yourself, your loved ones as well as the people and environment behind your gifts. As the guide has nothing to do with our products, you can find here, under our Stories-section.

We want to guarantee that choosing a gift from Lovia is of the giving kind. This page was created to help you find the perfect gift from our selection. If you need any help choosing the right item or have some special wishes, our gift specialists (a.k.a. the whole team of four with our best possible knowledge) will be at your service through email

According to your budget

Are you the one who manages to create well planned gifting budgets and stick to them? This one's for you.

Limited editions

Looking for something really special? Using leftover material means that we sometimes get just a limited amount of a specific colour. These pieces are limited editons of which we have been able to make only between 10 and 100 pieces. Inside each bag you will find a unique production number.

Gift Cards

With gift card, you can never go wrong. With this, your loved one can buy either one of our classic or choose a unique tailor made piece. To hear more about the options, send us a message.

Need your gifts wrapped or want to add a special message inside the box? Just add a comment to your order and we will take care of it for you!

When to order to make sure the gift makes it in time?
  • Finland: We are able to get the package for you with the super fast express shipping when you order by Thursday (Dec 20) noon
  • EU: The express shipping will make it to big cities when you order by Thursday (Dec 20) noon, but small villages may require one extra day
  • Outside EU:  Place your order by Sunday 16th to make sure the package is in time
Ps. To help you remember to make your order in time, we offer free shipping for all orders made by Friday 14th


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