Sustainable furniture

Hakola has been manufacturing sofas and furniture in the same factory in Jurva, Finland for more than 50 years. Their fundamental aim is to seamlessly connect traditional carpentry with beautiful, functional design ingenuity, in order to create products that will last for the generations to come.



Raami glasses and cups

Iittala embraces the essence of Nordic living. It is about functional yet refined aesthetics, but it’s also about a deep respect for the progressive ideas that that shape our way of life. Each item from the Raami dining collection, found at our showroom store, is an individual piece. Like a family, or a group of friends: each member brings their own characteristics to the table.


Artisan Carpentry

Wooden furniture

The wooden office table and all the stands are custom made near Helsinki by local artisans Wili Vuorinen and Joonas Korpilaakso.


Saana ja Olli

Hemp fabrics

Saana ja Olli is a designer couple and an award-winning design company from Turku, Finland. They produce their own durable 100% hemp fabric textile collection manufactured transparently in Finland. Saana ja Olli has released several collections and involved on various design projects in different continents.


Suomen Luonnonmaalit

Ecological Auro wall paints

Our walls are painted with Suomen Luonnonmaalit ecological wall paint that doesn't contain the harmful chemicals of traditional paint.

Kaffa Roastery

Transparent coffee makers

Kaffa Roastery is located in the heart of Helsinki, Punavuori. Not only close to our showroom, their values are also extremely close to ours. They proud themselves with a fully transparent production chain and ethical practises. And of course truly great coffee.



Northern champagne from the nature

Korpihilla is a small family business from Southern Lapland, located next to the untouched northern nature. They have bottled a piece of the fresh forests into a bubbling form. They like to call the non-alcoholic spruce tip drink as the northern champagne.



Sustainable printing materials

Whyprint believes that printing of paper- and textile products can be done in a more sustainable way. The amount, colour usage and materials should be tailored specifically for each individual project and they always strive to use the most sustainable combination of these. Whyprint strives to help people and protect the nature in different ways. They have for example started a channel to spread information about the poor state of the Baltic Sea.



Sustainable hifi-loudspeakers

Aurelia is a Finnish company that designs timeless hifi-loudspeakers with long lifespan. The Miniara loudspeakers at our showroom are made of biocomposite, a more sustainable substitute for plastic.


Joy Actor

Finnish headphone design

JoyActor is a Finnish headphone brand creating high quality sound reproduction as sustainably as possible. The company is now developing solar cell chargers and speakers out of plastic waste and algae collected from the Baltic Sea.


Sparkling sustanability

Vindirekt is a wine importer with a passion for wines of exceptional quality and exceptional stories behind them. They represent small and medium-sized vineyards focused on long-term and sustainable business. Their organic wines give that extra spark for our events.



Natural light in urban spaces

LUO-light systems are inspired by the Finnish nature, its midsummer skies and tranquil lake surfaces. Their light systems bring the effects of natural light into urban interior spaces. They use bamboo as their source of material, an unparalleled efficient and sustainable resource in light fixtures. We were lucky to partner with them for our exhibition The Flipside: Trash to Treasure for Helsinki Design Week 2019.