Lovia cone jewel is a crystallisation of Lovia's ideology. It is a creation of nature and that has taken a new form in the modern days. Lovia's designer Outi Korpilaakso has always been attracted to pine trees and their ability to subsist even on a plain cliff wiggled by the cold Northern wind.

“For me, pine trees have represented persistency and wisdom that accumulate as years go by”, Outi explains.

The jewel has developed into a line of jewellery, amulets holding the wisdoms of pine tree.

The jewellery is made in Finland from lead and nickel free bronze. The bronze consists of 90% copper and 10% zinc both of which come from Germany.

The jewel has been 3D scanned from separate pine cone scales, and the silver jewellery has silver coating and the rose gold jewellery 24K rose gold coating.