Isku Furniture Factory

Location: Lahti, Finland

We create new life for leather pieces that are too small for large furniture

In 2015, the environmental manager of furniture factory Isku started wondering how to make use of the 5–8 tonnes of excess leather generated annually. For their small size, most of the perfectly usable quality leather pieces had been discarded, and only some of them donated to school workshops.

The material

A piece that is too small to become part of a sofa can make a perfect Lovia bag. Designed for furniture, the quality control is strict as the leather has to endure very intense use. The leather Isku uses in their sofas is mainly oxhides, supplied from long-term partners in the EU and New Zealand. They are tanned into leather in the Galzignano area in Italy.


– We had been thinking of alternatives for leather's end-use as I came across Lovia at a seminar. I am a country-side girl and have grown up with horses and fields around me. So, I have inherited the appreciation of local production and sustainable consumption, the manager of development and environment Hanna Eskola says.

The company

Isku produces Scandinavian design sofas in Lahti, Finland. The company was founded 1928 and even today, all the sofas are made in their own factory. Developing the factory atmosphere and quality and sustainability sertified production is a corner stone for Isku. They take sustainability into consideration on each step - raw materials, design, production and finished products.


Matti Leminen upholstering a leather sofa at Isku Furniture Factory.


Buyer Tea Laine, Quality Controller Hanna Valve, Quality & Environmental Manager Hanna Eskola & Mirja Anttolainen who is specialised for cutting leather.


Mirja Anttolainen makes sure that the leather hides are cut with precision and picks the pieces left aside for Lovia.