Location: Seregno, Milan area, Italy

Lovia bags are manufactured in a homely atmosphere at Clio Factory near Milan, Italy. Founded by three artisans, Fulvio Galbiati, Jenny Boischio and Luisella Checuz, the team of nine professionals have decades of experience in working with designer bags.

Fulvio is an artisan at heart and in the third generation. In the age of 15, he embarked on the path of his father and grandfather and started doing business on his own. When it comes to Lovia, Fulvio is impressed by the fact the way Lovia manages to make sustainable and transparent fashion. Transparency is not only an important value for him but also a practical thing in his work.

- After working so long in the field, you have an ability to see through leather. You know exactly whether all details are made with attention and proficiency. The quality of a bag is hidden under the surface.

With many decades of experience, Fulvio has picked inner support materials, lining and thread that make the long life of our bags possible. Currently some of the support materials are recycled. The development of sustainable inner materials is now reaching the quality that soon enables us to replace the rest with recycled alternatives. Together with Fulvio we are constantly sourcing recycled options that have the same abilities to last for a lifetime.

Meet the Clio family: Fulvio's daughter Alessandra and Fulvio next to her, Roberta, Luisella, Lorraine and Imma.

Nowadays Clio Factory is made up by six employees and the founders who all work in production. Fulvio himself is the master of sample pieces. Fulvio describes his team as a family. Taking care of everyone's well-being includes not using any toxic glues or other substances, serving coffee everyday and making sure everybody has a lot of space and laughter around them. And if a team member needs a bag, they are free to make them for free at the factory for their own use. Suddenly, small things become important.