The story of Lovia began from the need to turn around the vicious cycle of producing and consuming fashion. The ideology has gathered together a passionate team striving to make a big impact.

Designer, Outi Korpilaakso

Lovia was born when Outi realised she couldn't continue as a designer unless she came up with a way to turn around the vicious cycle. While new stuff was constantly produced in a way that nobody (even herself) really knew much about, people had started respecting products less and tossing them faster away.
She wanted to let abandoned materials dictate what she designs and have production that could be transparently presented to everyone. Seam by seam the small pieces of someone else's waste started forming bags, strongly connected to her roots in the forests of north and inspiration in the folkloristic functionalism.


CEO, Anna Lehtola

When Anna met Outi, she was running a second hand business with the same ideology - helping consumers become more aware and making it easier to find better choices. With a sustainable branding and e-commerce perspective she joined Outi to develop Lovia beyond the limits of fashion business, building a business model that can grow internationally without compromising the ethics and Lovia's mission.

The ideology has gathered a wonderful team striving to make this seed to grow to a big impact. Emmi taking care of the operative work and making sure you'll get your packages with love, Sebastian putting our thoughts into inspiring campaigns and spreading the word through digital channels and Ada making sure press will keep reporting each step of the progress. And that's not it - you are a part of Lovia just as much as we are. We're so glad to have you here!