Each bag has a label inside with unique production number and a DNA code. Type in the code here to find out the full history of your product, containing stories and information about its makers, materials, production and pricing.



Learn everything about the MATERIALS we use

We use materials that already exist and are leftovers for someone else. Our main leathers are excess leather from Finnish furniture factories, elk leather from Nordic population control hunting and salmon skin left over as a by-product from food industry. The jewellery is made with 90 % recycled bronze base.

Secondary materials

We want to be as sustainable as possible even when it comes to the smallest pieces in the bags.
Our dust bags are made of recycled cotton waste and metal details sourced from Europe.

Get to know the production

Our bags are produced by Italian luxury artisans near Milan. They have accepted our challenge to turn even the smallest pieces of excess leather into beautiful accessories. The jewellery is crafted by our Helsinki-based 3D goldsmith. He has created the unique pine cone surface into our iconic jewellery from real pine cone scales.

Meet the people behind our products

Our Italian artisans have several generation's experience in luxury bag production. The goldsmith in Helsinki is a craftman with 3D design skills. Each material source has a team of passionate entrepreneurs behind. Together they will ensure that even the smallest of the details are handcrafted perfectly.

The Muse Code

Just like the makers and materials, strong muses lie in the core of Lovia's DNA. They are the radical thoughts that interrupt our routines, the music that wakes us up in the morning and the artists behind new ideas.