Helsinki re-use center

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Giving black vintage leather garments a new life

The recycled leather used in some Lovia designs is cut out of vintage leather garments like old leather jackets. They have first been taken to The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Re-use Centre and then gone through at least six pairs of hands before being carefully selected by our designer Outi for production. The leather must be top quality.


Using recycled materials is always the best choice for the environment. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Re-use Centre makes the choice easy. The place is full of abandoned treasures that are looking for new beginnings.

Using excess garments recycled from households guarantees a longer life cycle for a cloth that has once been found useless. Those goods go through at least six pairs of hands after being taken to the centre and before being picked up to the Lovia atelier. Our designer Outi checks the quality at least twice before sending them to production.



The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Re-use Centre is one of the most active operators in Finland when it comes to sustainability. Part of the income from selling reused items like clothing and furniture is used for environmental education.

Liina Valk, Marja Peltola, Mervi Martti and Eero Louhio work with recycling at Helsinki Re-Use Recycling Centre.

These education programs help around 30,000 children, youngsters, adults and educators learn about reducing waste & sustainable consumption.
The re-use centre is also a social enterprise and offers work to a variety of different social groups such as disabled people, the long-term unemployed, Finnish language students, on-the-job trainees and people performing community service. The centre employs over 800 people annually.



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