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Looking for an ecological high-end gift for your employees or partners? Lovia creates artisan made design accessories from excess materials with 100% transparency. Our materials are sourced from the Nordics, such as elk leather from population control hunting, salmon skin and excess leather from the Finnish furniture industry. Finnish waste-reducing design made to last by Italian artisans.

Our DNA concept reveals the history behind the product. Inside each bag is an individual number and a code. By typing the code in at our DNA page, you can see stories behind all materials, production processes and makers.

For this selection, we can offer unique styles and DNA coding with the company name.


Kanto card cover

The Kanto Card Cover holds all necessities from business to credit cards in its compact form. Three material options available; 100% furniture industry excess leather, mixture of salmon skin and excess leather and a 100% salmon skin.

Size: 11cm x 7,5cm

Salmon skin
Salmon skin & Excess leather
Excess leather

Aapa Laptop Cover

Aapa computer sleeve is made of excess leather from the Finnish design furniture industry. The sleeve is available in two sizes, modelled for 11" and 13" laptops. Metal stud closure is silver-coloured. The leather label inside the sleeve holds the DNA code of Aapa.

Size: 30 x 21cm (11”) / 32,5 x 23,5cm (13”)

Excess Leather

Colour options per request


The soul of Lovia bags is found in the Nordic nature and forests. They are designed to be multifunctional and utilise even the smallest pieces of leather. The Italian handcrafting by Fulvio Galbiati and his team ensures the bag will be a lasting friend in daily adventures.

Brown sustainable luxury briefcase for men front
Tenho Elk Leather Briefcase
Men's black ethical luxury leather backpack with silver details
Kelo Elk Leather Backpack
black sustainable leather weekender
Karelia Excess Leather Weekender
Oma Elk Leather Pouch
lovian lohennahkainen juhlalaukku
Laine Salmon Skin Pouch
Vasu Excess Leather Pouch

Colour options per request


All our jewellery is made by our goldsmith Tero Hannonen in Helsinki. The pine cone icon gets its form from unique pine cone scales. The jewellery is made of 90% recycled lead and nickel free bronze. The jewellery is available with silver coating, 24K double rose gold coating and in natural bronze.

Sustainable design earrings rose gold
Sustainable jewellery small silver earrings
Small Earrings
sustainable accessories keyring rosegold
Key Rings


Price and design inquiries: ada@loviacollection.com. Please note that the production time for large orders can be approximately 2 months.

The DNA Concept

Each bag has a DNA label inside with product name and unique number as well as a DNA code. By using the code at our DNA pageit reveals all materials, production processes and makers behind the product. For your company we can create a unique DNA and profile with specified text content.

PRODUCT DNA: Clio Factory, Milan
product label inside
jewellery production
PRODUCT DNA: Goldsmith, Helsinki
PRODUCT DNA: Salmon leather
PRDUCT DNA: Elk Leather
PRODUCT DNA: Excess Leather

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