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Havu Series

When you feel like going all out, look no further. The only accessory you will need is a piece of Havu.
Earrings size: 17 cm x 2,8 cm, Necklace size: 51,5 cm x 20,5 cm

Petäjä Series

The story of Lovia is intertwined around the Nordic nature and mythology. Pine tree needles were believed to bring good health by the ancient folk. Let this amulet be your remedy.

Size: 2,7cm x 0,5cm

Pihka Series

The original, already iconic Lovia cone jewel is the starting point of the Pihka collection. With the mold 3D-printed from real pine cone scales, the jewellery convey the connection to nature and roots of Lovia. 

Size: 2,8cm x 2,2cm

Kaarna Series

For those of us who prefer a delicate style, the Kaarna collection is ideal. With only a single scale from the pine cone design, the result is classic yet makes a statement. Sometimes one is all you need, right?

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