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Finnish designer Outi Korpilaakso found her lost inspiration from the passion to find new ways for creating fashion. We at Lovia are dedicated to constantly develop ideas for a better future, yet never compromising on our strong values or timeless design. This team is truly dedicated to make a difference. 

Discover the roots with the

Product DNA.


The DNA reveals the full history of the bag you are holding.
Get to know each material, artisan, production step and the actual cost of every one of them.


The core of the brand ideology is to create designs based on existing materials rather than passing trends. This means, we use materials that already exist and are leftovers for someone else. Our main leathers are excess leather from Finnish furniture factories, elk leather from Nordic population control hunting and salmon skin left over as a by-product from food industry.

ethical luxury bag production


Our bags are produced by Italian luxury artisans near Milan. They have accepted our challenge to turn even the smallest pieces of excess leather into beautiful accessories. The jewellery is crafted by our Helsinki-based 3D goldsmith. He has created the unique pine cone surface into our iconic jewellery from real pine cone scales.


There is a story behind the makers of each product and material. Our Italian artisans have several generation's experience in luxury bag production. The goldsmith in Helsinki is a craftman with 3D design skills. Each material source has a team of passionate entrepreneurs behind. Together they will ensure that even the smallest of the details are handcrafted perfectly.

Fully transparent fashion production chain makers
Sustainable luxury bag made of salmon skin and excess leather


The increase in selling prices while quality is lowered has been a relevant problem in the fashion industry. We want to keep producing the highest possible quality, while taking the prices to a level we believe is fair. Through stepping out from the traditional retail, we are able to make our costs 100% transparent and take full control of our prices. This means that for the first time - you are able to know exactly what it cost to produce your bag and be able to get artisan crafted treasures with accessible prices.

Scroll down to view the transparent pricing of the KAIHO 001 bag.


Lovia materials transparent pricing


37,26 €

The excess leathers and other materials used in the product.


lovia hardware transparent pricing dna


11,75 €

D-rings, studs, zippers and other hardware parts.

Lovia transparent pricing dna production


98,00 €

The artisan production includes inner support materials, DNA-coding and unique numbering.

lovia transparent pricing dna cargo


1,28 €

To minimise emissions, we ground ship raw materials to factory and finished products back to us.

lovia transparent pricing packaging


7,91 €

Including dustbags made of cotton waste and recyclable product boxes.

Manufacturing cost

156,20 €

The sum of direct costs related to the product.

Our price

420 €

Our prices are 2-3 times the manufacturing cost before taxes. This is used to cover for example all our fixed costs, salaries, design and customer service.

Traditional pricing

900 €

The traditional retail prices tend to be 5-6 times the manufacturing cost. In luxury sector this margin can grow up to double digits. 

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